Monday, 12 March 2018

Srikandi Run 2018

Srikandi Run 2018

Date: 12th May 2018 (Saturday) ⟶ 30th June 2018

Venue: Anjung Floria , Putrajaya

Distance / Flag Off: 
10km  -  7.00pm
5km - 7.00pm
* 5km for ladies only

Entry Fees:
Early Bid : 12th - 31st Mar 2018 - RM61
Normal : 1st - 19th Apr  2018 - RM71
Late Registration : 20th - 25th Apr 2018 - RM79 

*Inclusive of service fees & GST

Registration ---> CLICK HERE

 - Finisher Medal
- T-shirt

- Bib no.
- Goodies Bags

Race Kit Collection:
Date : 29th June 2018
Time : 10.30am - 10.30pm
Venue:  Main Entrance Anjung Floria ,Putrajaya

Facebook ---> CLICK HERE

Srikandi Run 2018 - Prizing Chart

T-shirt Design
Srikandi Run 2018 - Shirt Design

T-shirt Sizing Chart
Srikandi Run 2018 - Sizing Chart
Medal Design
Srikandi Run 2018 - Medal Design
Srikandi Run 2018 - Medal Design


  1. Flag Off

    5km Fun Run : 8.30pm
    10km Open & Veteran : 8.00pm

    this event in the evening?

    also -- only Ladies in the event right?
    but there's men open / veteran too...

    which one is correct?
    a) the time....
    b) the participant

    1. Confirmed the flag off time has changed from morning to evening as below:
      5km Fun Run : 8.30pm
      10km Open & Veteran : 8.00pm

      And 5km is strictly for ladies.
      As for 10km (Open & Veteran) is open both to male & female.

  2. great .. thank you

  3. hi,


    the prizes pay for the winners is TOP 5 coz is show at here,
    But we get the leflet at the goodie bag is just for TOP 3 ,

    which is right ???

    changed the date n time now prizes again !!!

    we can not refund again n again !!!

    1. Please go to the registration link for the event :

      Take a screen shot of the page as solid proof of winners for TOP 5, if any arguments arise later.

    2. btw I forget to mention I'm not the organizer for this event or any for that matter. I'm just a blogger.