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Walk Out On Domestic Violence Charity Walkathon 2016

Walk Out On Domestic Violence Charity Walkathon 2016

Date:12th November 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 7.00a.m

Venue: University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

Distance: 5km

Registration fee:  RM30(Members)  / RM35(Non-members)

Further enquiries - Veena:  016 947 9971
Facebook ---> CLICK HERE

Walk Out on Domestic Violence Charity Walkathon 2016 (WODV) is the 1st annual event organized by the Feminist Society (FEMSOC) of the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (UNMC). It will be held on the 12th of November 2016 (Saturday) in and around UNMC as well as a number of other universities as well. This charity walkathon is held for the purpose of fostering awareness on domestic violence among the students and staff of UNMC as well as raise funds for the victims in Malaysia.

Through the Women’s Aid Organisation’s Case Studies in Domestic Violence Response 2015 report, it was found that a over 65% of the women who were being sheltered by the organization had been abused most prevalently by their intimate partners.

Walk-Out on Domestic Violence aims to spread awareness through brochures, talks, and exhibits as well as to raise funds for Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) through sale of tickets for the walk and direct donations from participants and companies.

One of our main objectives is to increase the awareness of Women’s Aid Organization as a helpline for victims of domestic violence as well as enhance the image of the University. Furthermore, we aim to improve the involvement of students and the rest of the community of UNMC as well as the GEI universities in these types of charity events that aim to improve the situation of people in society; to stir more empathy and disprove the claim of growing apathy amongst people in society towards others.


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