Sunday 8 May 2016

The Silent Run

The Silent Run

Date: 17th July 2016 (Sunday)

Venue:  CityONE Megamall, Jalan Song, Kuching

Distance : 6km (RM50)  ||  3km (RM40)

Manual Registration:
Registration forms can be collected at
• CityOne information counter or
• Brooks @ Green Height Mall.
Weekend counter for registration will be at Cityone Megamall, right opposite the information counter at ground floor, every Friday to Sunday starting from 6th of May.

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About The Run:
IMAGINE, how your life will be, if you can no longer hear a single sound? Birds flying around but it's not chirping, TV is playing your favourite show but you can only see movement without sound, radio is useless to you, your world is completely muted, how will that impact your life?

"Sharing the silence"

[THE SILENT RUN] is a charity event organise by Beam Event Management to create public awareness of deaf, in aid of Sarawak Deaf Sports Association. Along the run you will get to learn some knowledge of how is it like to live as a deaf person.

p/s: Although it's called Silent Run, it's not a silent event, it's gonna be fun with music and sounds throughout the event, just sayin' :)

The first 1000 runners who sign in for the event, gets to run for 2 events, yes, 1 price for 2 runs!

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