Tuesday, 1 September 2015



Date : 14th & 15th November 2015

Venue : Sepang International Circuit

Distance : 3km - 4km - 3 km (Team Event)

 Registration - --> CLICK HERE

Sweat it out and Rev-Up your run at REVRUN - a team based 10km fun run where teams of 3 starts together and finishes together - but with a twist!

Your team will be separated into three different lanes - Road Run, Environment Run, and Viper Run. Stay hydrated with Revive Isotonic and pace through Road Run, keep the fun going on the Environment Run by passing through a track trail, or boost-up to conquer through obstacles on Viper Run. Reunite with your other team mates at the end of each lane and keep the run going until the finish line.



  1. Hi.. i have a question please.. i already i registered for the 14 Nov run, but right now am only one person.. i plan to do Viper path, so how in my case?. can i participate alone or u will assign me to a team??.. thanks.. Salem

    1. Hi Salem,
      Sorry I'm not the organizer of that event.
      You should direct your question to the organizer - --> HERE